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Focusing on Area of interest Audiences – AOL’s New Branding Technique

AOL, as soon as thought-about a pioneer in web expertise, has fallen on onerous instances over the years, unable to plot an efficient branding technique. A failed merger with Time-Warner, a non-focus on search whereas Google constructed an empire (the AOL search engine finally started serving up Google outcomes on its portal web site), and declining dial-up enterprise are all contributing elements to the continuing difficulties of AOL and its search engine.

Nonetheless, AOL appears to have a new branding technique in thoughts for the AOL search engine, which might revamp its services and goal particular niches. And whereas many “analysts” declare that it’s already a failure earlier than the outcomes are in, it’s too quickly to inform how this can have an effect on AOL and the search engine that bears its identify. Personally, I feel it is a good play for the company – and one thing that bears watching. If the branding technique is profitable, one other large company might need to observe AOL’s instance mail aol com.

You see, AOL understands that the AOL search engine and its different services are usually not a model beloved by many. The AOL search engine and AOL itself are seen as considerably historical, old-fashioned, 56okay, and so on. Nightmare tales about its on-line services are usually not in brief provide. I have not executed any particular research on this, however in my circle of buddies and enterprise acquaintances, folks take into account an AOL subscriber a little bit behind the instances.

The purpose is (in my view) that the “AOL model” itself has lowering worth and may very well have destructive worth if the particular websites that it owns or has just lately bought are introduced in underneath an umbrella branding technique. These websites embrace these catering towards all the pieces from nation music followers to mothers sharing photographs to guys attempting to choose up women. In some instances, the area of interest websites don’t even show their affiliation with AOL or its search engine (or in the event that they do, it’s not featured very prominently).

The logic behind this branding technique is evident. To start with, the AOL search engine and portal weren’t attracting new guests. Secondly, the AOL search engine and model itself are usually not notably hip or recent. Third, and doubtless most significantly, particular portal websites appeal to particular kinds of customers, that are normally extremely focused, prompting a possible for extra advert income (in concept).

Principally, the AOL portal has stopped attempting to be all issues to all folks. Google is ready to pull off the “all issues to all folks” method primarily as a result of it would not have points with a branding technique but – actually, the new vertical searches that it provides underneath the Google “branding umbrella” are augmented by implied hipness and coolness. Nonetheless, as AOL has found, hipness normally has a shelf life. If folks started to see Google as the massive company that it’s now, somewhat than the uber-cool underdog, the company might not be capable of hold this report up. There have already been some cracks in its veneer, though by and enormous, the Google model remains to be very optimistic and highly effective.

There’s one other company a lot greater than AOL that suffers from a lot of the identical issues (and in some instances, worse issues) than AOL does however nonetheless desires to tackle Google face to face. I refer, in fact, to Microsoft.

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