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Move to France?

If the idea of a move to France attracts you and you like the idea of buying a house, which perhaps needs renovation, then before you even consider the financial implications you must ask yourself some much more important and deeply searching questions. Print this article, go and lie in a nice warm bath, take a glass and a bottle of Beaujolais with you, relax and be totally honest with yourself. When you’ve finished the wine, open another bottle and see if your partner will join you in the bath (bring another glass)… and then be brutally honest with each other.

Now, imagine you’ve sold up, kissed your family and friends goodbye and followed the removal van to your new French home. This is not a two week holiday, this is for keeps…so, seriously ask yourself and your partner these questions:

Can I and my partner really cope with leaving our home-country?

For some there may well be times when home-sickness becomes unendurable. It’s not just the fact that you don’t get pubs or chip-shops in France (even the MacDonalds are not quite the same); it’s a whole new lifestyle, a totally new culture. You must be prepared to adjust and slowly start to think the French way. If you are planning on moving to france then go for it.It’s a good thought.

Could we both integrate into the French society…and be happy?

My First Wife and I live in the Dordogne department of south-west France where, in parts, the resident English speakers now outnumber the French and have formed their own “Little Britain”. I suspect this happens in other departments as well. If you feel that you won’t be able to integrate with your French neighbours, then you should question whether the move is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not fluent in French, as long as you’re prepared to have a go at it. We have met many people on our travels throughout Europe that have had negative experiences with the locals, simply because they won’t try the local language – it’s not just the French.  We have been made to feel most welcome in our new country and it’s true to say that we literally couldn’t have done it without the cheerful (though sometimes surprised) support and generosity of our local community.

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